We offer AgilePM® certification courses in English.


Our courses will give you confidence in using AgilePM® and will maximize your examination success.


The courses are delivered by trainers who have project management experience themselves and combine theory sessions covering the AgilePM® Philosophy, Principles, Processes and Techniques with practical exercises and practice exam simulations.

Classroom Training

Foundation and Practitioner Conversion courses are 3 days long.  Combined Foundation and Practitioner courses last 5 days.

The relevant certification exams are timetabled in the courses themselves. The Foundation exam is marked by the course trainer and the results are available about an hour after the end of the course. The Practitioner exam is marked by APMG and the results are normally available within a few weeks of the end of the course.

The AgilePM® course materials, handbook and exams are only available in English.  We think it is confusing for  delegates to take the course in one language and the exam in another, so we don't offer that as an option.  If you use English regularly you should have no problems with following the course and, depending on your level of English, you may be given more time to complete the exam.  Please contact us before the course if you have any concerns about your ability to participate in and enjoy the course.

A maximum of 12 participants take part in each course.


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Course Programme Autumn/Winter 2019