CHIM Private CoursePrivate Courses

There are many reasons why private courses could be the best option for your organization, for example:

  • You need to arrange training for a group of people who can all be trained at the same time;
  • You would incur high travel costs if you were to send the delegates away for training;
  • You want practical examples in the course to be tailored to your organization;
  • You want to collect feedback about how the themes discussed during the course are applied (or not) in your organization.

We are happy to organize private PRINCE2®, AgilePM® or other courses, workshops and seminars for companies, organizations and groups, tailored to your individual requirements.

The events can be held on-site on your own premises, in which case you would take on some logistics, for example distributing course materials and taking care of catering, or we can host the event as a complete residential or non-residential package.

Public Courses

We can arrange discounted places on our public courses if you have a number of people who need to be trained but who are not available at the same time or you have some people who are not available to attend private courses that we are organizing for you.