We offer two levels of AgilePM® training:

  • Foundation, aimed at all the members of project management teams, giving the participants an understanding of the core principles, processes and other constructs used to organize an agile project; and
  • Practitioner, aimed at people who will be setting up agile projects, which covers how to apply and tailor the AgilePM® method to projects.

The courses are useful for experienced project people who want to extend or formalize their knowledge as well as for those who have never taken part in a project.

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When are the public courses and what do they cost?

You can find information about our public courses and distance-learning options here.

Are there any pre-requisites?

There are no formal pre-requisites for taking the Foundation course.  In order to take the Practitioner exam, candidates must hold either an AgilePM® Foundation Certificate, a DSDM Atern Foundation Certificate or a DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate.

What languages are available?

We can deliver AgilePM® classroom training in English and German but certification exams are only available in English.  We also offer AgilePM® as distance learning in English only.

We offer Agile PM® certification training as classroom training in English because the AgilePM® handbook and exams are only available in English.  We think it is confusing for delegates to take the course in one language and the exam in another, so we don't offer that as an option.  If you use English regularly you should have no problems with following the course and, depending on your level of English, you may be given more time to complete the exam.  Please contact us before the course if you have any concerns about your ability to participate in and enjoy the course.

Who accredits the training?

The AgilePM® methodology is owned by the DSDM Consortium, a not-for-profit, vendor-independent organisation incorporated as Dynamic Systems Development Method Limited.  CHIM is accredited as an AgilePM® Affiliate of CUPE Ltd., an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), by APMG-International, which administers certification exams and accredits training organizations and trainers on behalf of the DSDM Consortium.  AgilePM® Certification courses can only be delivered by Approved Training Organizations and their affiliates using accredited trainers.