AgilePM®, just like other agile methods like scrum and extreme programming, is based on the Agile Manifesto.  Because AgilePM® was developed by people who came from a large organization background it places more emphasis on governance, the framework of structures and controls which keep a project on track.  The idea is to have ‘just enough’ governance to be able to demonstrate that the project is under control without creating unnecessary bureaucracy:

AgilePM Structures. ©Dynamic Systems Developmen Method.  Reproduced under license by CHIM.

A structured life-cycle to make sure that the project is iteratively managed on sound foundations;

Defined roles and responsibilities to ensure that the interests of all relevant stakeholders are represented and that the team has the right balance of solution user and developer participation;

A framework of management documents which are used to capture the business, technical and project management aspects of the project.

AgilePM® can be easily integrated with PRINCE2® in environments where governance is particularly important or for organizations which already use PRINCE2® and want to take advantage of the benefits of agile methods.